About Us

TATAS is one of the leading companies in Egypt since 1980, for Professional Audio Visual Integrated Systems Solutions.

We are the authorized distributor for Panasonic and more than 45 international companies all over the world such as: Gigawave, Newtek, Mavili, Rapidrop, Orient, Draper, Inter-M, Life Size, Aver,…etc.

Our Products Include  Broadcast & Studio Equipment, LED / LCD Display, Video Projector, Digital Signage, Closed Circuit TV System, Auto Door, Sound System, Language Laboratory System, Fire Alarm System, Fire Fighting System, Audio Video Conference .....etc.

We approach innovation by looking at the evolving needs of business and striving to meet them.

No other company goes to such lengths to provide Integrated Systems solutions to help your business grow.



1- Chairman: Eng. Ahmad Hassan Mahmoud
2- Foundation: 1980
3- NO. of Employees: Approx. 170 Employees.
4- TATAS Departments:
Broadcast Dept./Visual Dept./Fire Dept./CCVE Dept./Sound Dept./Financial Dept./ Personnel Dept.
5- Service & Maintenance Centers:
Service & Maintenance Centers certified by Panasonic Japanese & of the Egyptian Ministry of Industry.
6- Rental Branch:
We rent some of our products such as: LED/LCD, Video Projector, Sound system and Video-Wall to make your business life-style more professional.
Our products include Panasonic products & our other partners products to complete our Integrated Systems solution.
Our Products:
1- Professional Broadcast & Studio Equipment.
2- Professional LED / LCD Display.
3- Video Projector.
4- Sound Systems.
5- Audio - Video Conference System.
6- CCVE Systems.
7- Fire Alarm & Fighting Systems.
8- Auto Door / Security Gates
9- Language Laboratory Systems
10- Digital Signage


To become one of the leading Egyptian companies in providing visual solutions & to become our client's preferred partner.

Our Vision

We are very keen on the development of our human capital, as we seek excellence & professionalism in serving our clients & thus contribute to econimic prosperity.