AVer Video Conference System

EVC950 Full HD Video Conferencing System 4-site MCU 

AVer’s EVC950 is the perfect video conferencing solution for large conference
rooms and auditoriums. It provides a cost-eective way for businesses to
connect up to 10 sites and enjoy full HD video and content sharing, oering an
unbeatable return on investment. Users can connect to EVC950 calls from PCs,
laptops, tablets and mobile phones via AVer’s EZMeetup software.

EVC900 Full HD Video Conferencing System

  • 10 points embedded MCU.
  • PTZ with 16X optical zoom camera.
  • Voice activated layout switch.
  • One-touch recording.
  • Connect anywhere & anyplace.
  • Built in SIP server & registrar.


EVC350 Full HD Video Conferencing System 10-site MCU

Perfect for any budget, the EVC350 is AVer’s aordable, 4-site, high performance MCU video conferencing system. This all-in-one video conferencing solution allows organizations to start conferencing immediately, with no installation fees or costly upgrades. Our patented, intelligent microphones can be linked together to form a daisy chain so you can enjoy great audio reception in any size of conference room. All your important meetings can be recorded directly to a USB Fl¬ash drive, even when you are offline.

EVC300 Full HD Video Conferencing System
  • Full HD1080p video & HD content sharing.
  • PTZ with 16X optical zoom camera.
  • Handy integration & remote access.
  • One-touch recording.
  • Connect anywhere & anyplace.
  • Built in SIP server and registrar.

EVC150 Full HD Video Conferencing System Point-to-Point
The EVC150 is video conferencing’s price-to-performance leader, oering small to
medium-scale organizations a uniquely cost-eective full HD video conferencing
solution. The EVC150 features real-time full HD video streaming and HD 720p
content sharing along with a PTZ camera, an microphone array, a sleek UI and a
compact system design. In addition to its impressive hardware, standards-based EVC150 is the system of choice for savvy VC users.
EVC130 Full HD Video Conferencing System
  • Full HD1080p video & HD content sharing.
  • Wide-angle HD camera.
  • All-new microphone array.
  • Advanced network technology.
  • Handy integration & remote access tools.

EVC100 HD Video Conferencing Endpoint
• HD720p30fps people video and content sharing
• HD PT camera with 88° wide-angle lens
• Sophisticated MIC array and audio processing
• Compact, lightweight design and easy operation
• Advanced network technology and remote management tools
EVC Series Video Conferencing
Your Best Collaborative Communication Solution
• Support conferencing between up to 10 dierent locations.
• Enjoy video conferencing on PC, laptop, mobile phone and tablet.
• Turn communication into collaboration.

The EZMeetup mobility software/app

The EZMeetup mobility software/app is a practical, collaborative program designed especially for AVer’s EVC300 and EVC900 video conferencing systems. It allows users to extend video conferencing from traditional conference rooms to desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. As SIP servers, EVC900 and EVC300 can allow 3 to 9 EZMeetup users to register and communicate with each other. Users will enjoy clear images and sound, ensuring that those important people can enjoy high-quality video conferencing wherever they are.


Aver EZDraw Collaborative software

AVer’s EZDraw app is a cutting-edge tool for collaborative communication on AVer’s EVC300 and EVC900 video conferencing systems. Available for either Android tablets or iPads, EZDraw lets EVC300 and EVC900 users draw, write and highlight on either a shared desktop or shared virtual interactive whiteboard, making it even easier to share ideas, discuss proposals and build consensus with colleagues too far away for face to face meetings. Edited images can be easily saved in the popular PNG format, allowing you to keep an easily-accessible record of the discussion process.

The Professional Unied Communications
Camera for All Kinds of Businesses
The AVer Cam520 and Cam530 are designed to meet the unied
communications and collaboration needs of a variety of businesses. Widely
compatible and ideal for numerous applications and integration with other
equipment, their full HD 1080p 60fps capability ensure high-quality real-time
communication whether in conference rooms or industrial environments.
Moreover, Cam520 provides a USB connection and Cam530 provides both a
USB and HDMI connection, perfect for software- or cloud-based video
collaboration and other applications that require very high quality video.
VC520 Conference Camera
Professional Camera for Video Collaboration
in Conference Rooms
The AVer VC520 Conference Camera is an indispensable video collaboration tool for businesses that use web- or cloud-based conferencing. Suitable for meeting rooms of
all sizes, from huddle rooms all the way up to large conference rooms, the VC520 boasts a powerful pan-tilt-zoom camera and an advanced speakerphone, providing delicate, detailed images and vivid sound quality that more than meet the needs of most
businesses. Especially well-suited to laptops, the VC520’s plug-and-play design puts high-quality video communication just a USB connection away.