1- Memory Card Camera Recorder


A New Full-HD U. L.T. (Ultra Luminance Technology) Image Sensor Rivals the Image Quality and Sensitivity of High-End Professional Camera Recorders.

Memory Card Camera Recorder "P2 Cam"

AG-HPX370 series


Featuring superb image quality, functionality and operability matching shoulder-type camera and network capability, this hand held camera recorder revolutionize ENG workflow.

Memory Card Camera Recorder "AVC-ULTRA Handheld"



New Remote Terminal for Studio Integration. A High-Performance Handheld Model Approaching Shoulder-Type system capability.

Memory Card Camera Recorder "P2 Handheld"



High-Powered Lens, High-Sensitivity Sensor and High-Quality Full-HD 10 Bit 4:2:2 Recording - Shoulder-Type Performance in a Handheld Camera for Broadcasting and Production Work.

Memory Card Camera Recorder "P2 Handheld"


2- Memory Card Portable Recorder/Player


A New P2 Deck to Enhance File-Based Broadcasting Workflows Over High-Speed Networks.

Memory Card Recorder/Player "P2 Deck"



The Network-Ready P2 Mobile Has Evolved. Now with Newly Upgraded Functions.

Memory Card Portable Recorder/Player "P2 Mobile"



A Compact P2 Deck with 24P and 3D Compatibility for Studio Production and On-Air Transmission.

Memory Card Portable Recorder "P2 portable deck"


3- P2 Card Input/Output Devices


Large Data Storage Capacity, High Transfer Speed, Superb Reliability. Solid-State Memory Card for Professional Use.

Memory Card "P2 card" (64GB/32GB/16GB)



A P2 Card with SD Memory Card Size, High Transfer Speed and Superb Reliability

microP2 Cards (64GB/32GB)



A Conversion Adapter for Using the microP2 Card in Existing P2 Equipment.*

*: A firmware upgrade is required for the P2 equipment.

Memory Card Adapter



Fast Copying from P2 Cards to a Removable Solid-State Drive.* A Mobile Tool for Speeding Up P2HD Workflow.

*: Use a commercially available removable SSD recommended by Panasonic. In addition to the removable SSD interface box that comes with the AG-MSU10 as a standard accessory, an additional AG-MBX10 can be purchased as an option.

Mobile Storage Unit "P2 MSU"



Compact, Lightweight, Low Cost USB Bus Power microP2 Card Drive with USB 3.0 Support and Two Card Slots.

Memory Card Drive “ microP2 drive ”



Compact, Lightweight, Low-Cost — USB-Bus-Powered 1-Slot P2 drive Ideal for Mobile Applications.

Memory Card Drive "P2 Drive"