Category: Desktop

1080P output resolution, HDMI input & output, Up to 400 images storage


Wireless Image Transmission

 The JY-150B user can switch and select Images from any connected PCs/Macs and Tablet PCs to wirelessly stream to connected display screen.

The JY-150B user can also wirelessly transmit any captured images from its camera to display on all connected PC/Mac/Tablet PC screens.

Interactive Annotation

The JY-150B with annotation software allows JY-150B hotspot networking group users to annotate together simultaneously.

SynControl for Wireless Freedom

The JY-150B allows connected PC/Mac/Tablet PC users to synchronously remote control and utilize all it's document camera functions from all over the class/conference room without presentation hardware plug & unplug hassle.



To Connect with a Wanin LED Touch Panel

The JY-150B enables user to display full HD images on a Wanin LED Touch Panel via HDMI/VGA cable connections. User can further utilize Touch Panel supported Gestures functions to Enlarge, Reduce, and or Move any displayed images.