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ATEIS Middle East are manufacturers of life safety & audio products, focussing on PAVA, PA, IP – PA, loudspeakers and pro-audio solutions. VELOX is our fire alarm brand which we proudly manufacture in our facilities in Dubai and Canada. ATEIS originated in France over 40 years ago, with the Middle East operation starting 17 years ago. We have been successful in supply our systems to some of the landmark projects in the Middle East, including the Burj Al Arab, Dubai Metro, Mall of the Emirates, King Khaled International Airport in Riyadh, Sports City in Cairo and many more. Our Velox fire detection products are now sold in nearly 40 countries and our diverse ranges cover from a single villa to huge mega projects such as the multiple Malls we have completed, some with in excess of 20,000 devices.

The BOUTIQUE system is a highly flexible and self-amplified PA/VA system targeting small to large installations. The system expands from a single controller, capable of as little as 4 zones, to a large networked system of 16,384 zones, making it suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Our highly anticipated BOUTIQUE system is officially EN-54 certified. This marks a transformative milestone in the landscape of Public Address and Voice Evacuation systems, positioning BOUTIQUE as the most powerful and cost-effective solution available in the market today.

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Two French engineers in electronics, Robert Seassauand Bernard Charreton, created a now legendary radio console that was to become the ‘standard for radio stations in the 80’s…


THE YEAR WHEN THE ATEÏS ASSOCIATION WAS BORN An additional five engineers helped pioneer the transition of computers into broadcast audio-mixers. Our pioneering team are among the first one to launch computerized mixing tables, then moving in to tailored audio solutions covering a niche market.


The demanding requirements of the SNCF to improve sound quality at their stations brought ATEÏS to cooperate with a partner called: SLVS (Lyon’s association for Video surveillance and PA system), run by Roland Labrosse. SLVS just picked up a refurbishment of the PA-systems for the TGV and could use the specialism of ATEÏS, with its experience at the SNCF, to implement their SAM system.


A Year later the two companies were merged and continued their works under the company and brand name of ATEÏS. As solution providers and manufacturers for professional sound systems for the Public Address and Voice Evacuation market, at their new office in ST Martin d’Hères, their business finally separated from the Proaudio market.


It is the Year of the introduction of a whole new counter intercom system, known as: Magellan, a by now well known device that is servicing happily at almost every counter desk at the SNCF. After going through European tender, ATEÏS was awarded with the order to develop and manufacture a counter intercom system for SNCF (French national railway company), countrywide


In 2002, new safety standards were introduced in France, like the ERP that applied to public accessible buildings. Customers like SNCF (French national railway company), the RATP (Paris public ransportation System) and numerous French airports chose ATEÏS for their solutions


ATEÏS begins a search for a new partner. The market is moving fast and economical production was required in order to survive in the decades to come. It finds a partner in Taiwan, PCI, one of the world leaders in manufacturing speakers and electronics. Both companies saw opportunities and, in spite of the distance and the culture differences, they decide to join their R&D and manufacturing facilities.


In 2006 ATEIS was tasked to expand the businesses and to grow their sales outside of the French speaking areas. Starting with subsidiaries in Switzerland; ATEÏS International SA, for the distribution of products in the European market, and ATEÏS Middle East in Dubai for the distribution in the Emirates and India.


Audio over IP has become a very common item nowadays. But in 2007 this was a state –of-the-art development, proving the strength and know-how of ATEÏS. Encoding/decoding audio is one thing, but bringing the features that the market needs is another challenge altogether.


With the acquisition of the Messenger, ATEÏS joined the market for steerable line-arrays, based on DSPtechnology and a patent algorithm that has been fully redesigned to meet the industry standards for Voice Alarm, commercial audio and Pro-sound. IDA4 needed to be updated and market demands required a change of approach.


The increasing requirement for standards that has put high pressure on manufacturers to adapt their electronics and loudspeakers to comply with the demanding EN54 standard. ATEÏS has proven to be capable and flexible. With over 30 speakers and 2 VACIE sets, DIVA8 and the new powerful IDA8 controller, ATEÏS is ready to compete, complying with


Intellectual property is more important now than ever and in 2016 Ateis filed patents for groundbreaking micro-power technology features, making Ateis the first fire alarm manufacturer in the Middle East to develop products of this type and protect them with patents. Ateis also launched the ‘Velox Cloud’ smart cloud based fire alarm monitoring, wireless mesh technology and integration of smart devices using the IoT platform to lead the fire alarm industry into smart city applications.