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About Us

Our Story :

About TATAS’s Founder & Business History:

Eng. Ahmad Hassan Mahmoud

After graduating from the faculty of Engineering – Communication Dept., of Ain Shams University class of 1963, TATAS’s founder Eng. Ahmad Hassan started his carrier as a technical control department manager for the products of TV, Radio and other electronic devices in Benha Electronics Company. Beside that he worked in some maintenance service centers and worked privately in TV maintenance at his home to enhance his experience in the electronics maintenance field. In 1971 he established his own maintenance center “ABU ALAM” for technical maintenance support to different electronic devices. During 1974 he traveled to Japan and visited five factories working under the umbrella of National Company “Panasonic” and they stated that they have high expectations for Egypt to be one of their manufacturing hubs in the future. In 1979 he accidentally met a friend from National Japan whom informed him that they will appoint “Nasr Al “Futtaim” to be their regional representative in Egypt and maybe he would be in charge of their maintenance center. So immediately he resigned from Benha Electronics Company and joined “Nasr Al Futtaim” for two years as a service center manager then Panasonic terminated its   agreement with Nasr Al Futtuaim. After that Pansonic chose him to be their official representative “Agent” in Egypt for the professional products range. In 1980 it was the establishment of Tahrir Center for Trade & Service “TATAS” which started as a small apartment in Tahrir Square and expanded to three apartments and as work progressed and company expanded, we moved to our main headquarter in front of the historical Abdeen Palace and was officially opened in 1995 with the official attendance of Panasonic representatives. He passed away to God’s mercy at the age of 78 on 18 May 2021, God bless his sole.



Eng. Mohamed Ahmed Hassan Mahmoud

Born on 25, January 1988 in Giza-Egypt, He finished his high school on 2005 from Port Said American School in Egypt. 2005-2010 he had B.sc in Electrical Communication and Electronic Engineering Modern Science and Arts (MSA) University in Egypt with Grade Excellent. 2007-2010 B.sc in Electrical Communication and Electronic Engineering Greenwich University in England, his Graduation Project was “Automated Garage System” it was chosen from the best 10 projects out of 25 submitted projects. 2013-2015 Masters of Business Administrations, Marketing Diploma Eslsca Business School in Egypt. His Top Achievements is Managed successfully 2010-2012 Project Engineer, Broadcast Department. 2012-2017 Audio Visual Department Projects Manager. 2017-May 2021 Projects General Manager. 2022 Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Tahrir Center For Trade & Service (TATAS), 2023 Founded TATAS Communications Integrated IT Solutions Co. L.L.C. (Dubai).

Why Choose to Work With TATAS ? That's Why :

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TATAS is one of the leading companies in Egypt, founded by Eng. Ahmad Hassan Mahmoud since 1980 for Professional Audio Visual & Security Integrated Systems Solutions. TATAS is the Authorized Distributer for Panasonic & more than 39 International Companies.

TATAS Partners are Panasonic, Philips, Extron, Crestron, ATEÏS, Inter-M, Audio-Technica, Beyerdynamic, FBT, Proel, AVer, Polycom, BLANKOM, Mavili, and others in Audio Visual and Security Field.

We are 150 Employees who are dedicated and committed to provide the best service and to offer the best possible solutions.

We are proud of implementing more than 1200 project in our business sectors as Governmental, Educational, Medical, Industrial, Oil & Gas, Media & TV, Worship, Corporates and Retail & Entertainment Sector.

TATAS Service & Maintenance Center is certified by Panasonic Japan & the Egyptian Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

TATAS Engineers are certified from our Partners as Panasonic, Extron, Crestron, ATEÏS & others to ensure delivering the best solutions and technical support for our valuable clients.

Our Milestone

1980 TATAS was established


1980 TATAS was established and started as Panasonic Authorized Distributer in Public Address, Professional Audio.


1996 TATAS started introducing Panasonic Professional Camera Systems and Video Projectors.


1999 TATAS Sister’ Company “Megasound“ was established and became a dominant player in the Worship Sector with Inter-M Korean Public Address

Business Growth 2000


2009 TATAS Introduced Panasonic Plasma Displays and later we were the sole distributer in Egypt in selling the largest Plasma Display in the World


2014 TATAS added Fire Fighting Systems to our portfolio as Rapidrop, Naffco and Interpipe and implemented strategic projects with VIP Clients in the Market.


TATAS started introducing heavily Crestron and Extron in our complete AV Systems Solutions Projects.


2019 TATAS became one of the authorized distributers for ATEIS PAVA Systems & started our partnership with implementing the most strategic project in the Egyptian New Capital – The OCTAGON.


2021 TATAS implemented one of the most strategic project in the Egyptian New Capital (Egypt International Sports City – Olympic City).


2022 TATAS implemented one of the most strategic projects in Egypt – Correctional & Rehabilitation Center (Wadi El-Natroon / Badr).


2023 TATAS is implementing the Military Colleges & Institutes with ATEIS PAVA Systems – Correctional & Rehabilitation Center (10th Ramadan / 15th May / Akhmeem).

Core Values

Continuous learning and Development

We strongly believe in the importance of continuous learning and development of our staff in an era of evolving technologies and we always encourage and facilitate anything that makes than happen because the added value of each person is the knowledge he really apply in his life.

Passion and Determination

We value passion and determination because that’s what drive us forward and we believe that there is always a possible solution for any problem and we are always ready for providing any help for our client whenever needed.

Integrity and Honesty

We are always honest and clear with our clients and we are committed to provide the best possible solution and after sales service according exactly to their needs which will build trust and faith with them for a win – win situation.

Teamwork and Family Spirit

We always encourage teamwork and coordination which will lead to the best technical design, fast implementation and best after sales service.

Mission & Vision

OUR Mission:
Our mission is making our clients proud, satisfied and full of confidence when choosing and implementing our solutions by providing the perfectly tailored AV and Security Solutions that matches exactly their needs and requirements through a group of professional, educated and well trained engineers, technicians and administrators.
OUR Vision:
Our Vision is to become one of the Egyptian Market Leaders in providing AV and Security Solutions through the latest, creative, and cutting edge technologies that will leverage our society and make our country better.









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