4K Cameras

With 4K products you can expect a higher visual quality than ever before. It delivers crisp and clear imagery to ensure that every little detail is captured and explored perfectly. Here at Panasonic, we understand how important it is to ensure that a phenomenal viewing experience is delivered to our customers. As the realm of broadcast technology continues to evolve, so must we. With this in mind, we are extremely proud to bring to you our range of 4K Broadcast and ProAV products



Our wide camcorder portfolio brings outstanding image quality and leading-edge technology to every level of content creation. From small handheld to larger shoulder-carried models, our range provides a reliable and high-valuable camcorder product for every shooting surrounding and need of the user.

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The VariCam line-up of professional digital video cameras are capable of reproducing stunning imagery in both true 4K and High Dynamic Range (HDR), making them the ideal solution for cinema, television, documentary and live event production.

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P2HD Camera Recorders

Panasonic has been at the forefront of solid-state video content since its inception. The knowledge and experience obtained has meant that an end-to-end solution has been developed that can be trusted, from content capture and delivery to support. Designed to work in the most challenging of environments, our P2HD products and camera recorder lines are used by media entities around the world for news gathering. Panasonic’s handheld and shoulder-mount video cameras capture Full-HD images using our range of robust AVC-ULTRA codecs, which are recorded onto our own P2 and MicroP2 solid-state media and offloaded using our card readers. Offering outstanding reliability, high transfer speeds and extended recording times, our P2HD camera recorder line frees you up to manage content your way

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Remote Camera Systems

Panasonic provides a comprehensive remote camera system solution that supports UHD and Full-HD recording capabilities for a wide range of applications via IP.From fixed-rig TV productions to supporting the growth of e-learning within higher learning for lecture capture, from live streaming to corporate use in auditoriums, our remote cameras support the most difficult of shooting conditions in both indoor and outdoor situations.

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Studio Camera System

Panasonic’s studio camera systems give you the freedom to capture live events in incredible detail. Delivering a highly cost-effective solution for 4K and HD live production, they are readily being used in a variety of different situations – for broadcast studios, live sport productions, live event capture, and for higher education, too.Our comprehensive range of live system cameras provide options for 4K, 2K, High Frame Rate (HFR) and High Dynamic Range (HDR), and have been specifically designed to meet the varied needs and requirements of live production.We also have a comprehensive selection of products that have been designed to sit within existing workflows and offer a level of familiarity to the end-user – from camera control units and remote operations panels, to viewfinders, and build-up units. Panasonic have also recently announced a new S35mm UHD/HD Studio Camera compatible with B4 2/3 lenses – the AK-UC4000, which will be launching in Spring of 2018. It boasts variable HDR and supports Media Over IP output.

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Our camera range includes broadcast quality PTZ units with digital, analogue and HDBaseT connectivity.

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