Public Address and Voice Alarm

Ateis offer a full range of Networkable Audio Systems as IDA8 and DIVA with Internal DSP, multiple options for paging microphones, amplifier monitoring with hot-swap amplifiers and loudspeaker line impedance monitoring. and up to 4096 x 8192 security paging matrix over ATEÏS local and global network.


Commercial Audio

Ateis offers a series of Audio Processors as LAP/UAP and up to a range of Configurable 192 Inputs or Outputs.

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Ateis offers a full range of amplifiers ranging from 300 watt to 1000 watt per channel.

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Ateis offers a full range of loudspeakers as Ceiling Speaker, Projector Speaker, Closed Cabinet Speaker, Horn Speaker, Open-back Wallmount Speaker, Column Speaker, Spherical Speaker and Line Array Speaker.

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Inter-M offers Wired Microphones, CD RecorderChime & Siren and Tuner.

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Inter-M offers a complete range of Digital Matrix Systems, DSP, Analog Matrix and Conference Systems.

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Inter-m offers Table type amplifiers, Rack type amplifiers and Power Amplifiers.

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Inter-m offers a complete range of speakers as CeilingColumnWallHornPoint Source and Powered Speakers.

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