Large Venue

Panasonic Large Venue Laser projectors are one of the lightest, brightest, most technologically advanced and reliable projectors which gives you the freedom to push creative boundaries and the confidence your projector won’t let you down. Panasonic large venue projectors are high-lumen models from 12,000 up to 50,000 lumens of brightness, capable of displaying huge, vivid images for any type of content in many applications as auditoriums, theatres, trade shows, concerts and large outdoor venue locations across the world. They’ve also been used to successfully project stunning, high quality images on monuments and large buildings, creating some of the most engaging 3D projection mapping experiences.

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Panasonic Installation Laser projectors deliver big, bright and colorful images guaranteed to free your imagination and capture your audience’s attention which makes them ideal for boardrooms, classrooms, museum exhibitions, art projects and lecture theatres. Our fixed installation projectors are flexible when it comes to connectivity too, with software solutions allowing you to wirelessly transmit your content from handheld device or pc directly to the projector with wide choice of resolutions from XGA through to WUXGA and wide ranges of brightness from 5,000 up to 16,000 lumens.

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Presenting can be stressful enough, without having to worry about your projector. That’s why Panasonic portable projectors are designed to get you in front of your audience quickly and easily and keep them engaged. With increased reliability, brightness range from 3100 to 6000 lumens and superior contrast ratios, our small projectors deliver crisp graphics and easy-to-read text, even in bright rooms. Highly efficient parts make for trouble-free operation and easy maintenance – in fact, some of our portable devices can go for 20,000 hours without a lamp change, lowering maintenance costs and reducing environmental impact, too. And in quiet mode, they make less noise than writing with a pencil. Thanks to the Plug and Share function, Panasonic offers the best wireless projectors, too. So you’ll never have to change your plans because of wiring issues.and some of our portable LCD projectors feature DIGITAL LINK which allows you to transmit high quality images, video, audio and control signals over a long distance up to150 meter.

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Short Throw

Short throw projectors are designed to bring the projector closer to the screen. This allows the presenter to stand right in front of the screen without casting a shadow on the presentation content. This makes short throw projectors ideal for interactive applications in education and for presentations in smaller meeting rooms. Some of our short throw projectors can project an impressive 80–inch (diagonal) image from just 80 cm away from the screen, which allows users to create big pictures in tight spaces such as small classrooms and conference rooms. Our range features short throw projectors with 3,300 to 3,800 lumens of brightness giving great image quality and brightness. Exclusive Daylight View Basic technology measures surrounding illumination with a built-in ambient light sensor, and corrects the image in real-time to project clear, crisp images even in brightly-lit rooms, producing lifelike images with remarkable depth.

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